We take transportation
to a new level

No matter what your shipping needs are about, we will make it happen overnight. We represent the primary shipping options for lots of people and businesses. Here at Air Sea International Forwarding, we make things happen for more than 170 years – get in touch today.

We cover
all transportation options.

We have a massive fleet of vehicles – from small vehicles and vans to trailers – ready to be loaded and take your stuff anywhere. Obviously, we choose the right vehicle based on the orders for the day. We can also provide transportation by sea or air, depending on your needs and preferences.
There are multiple factors to think about when not sure what shipping option to choose. If it is international, transportation by air is the quickest way to do it, yet it is more expensive than transportation by sea. If the distance is short, our vehicles will get the job done in no time.

With more than 170 years in this industry, Air Sea International Forwarding is one of the leading freight transportation services in the USA and not only. We have customers relying on our services from all over the world. While we are mostly aimed towards businesses and corporations, no project is too small for us – get in touch with us regardless of what you want shipped.

Our company is the best transportation and supplying service in the USA over the past few years – it is not us, but many individual bodies awarding us. We carry a series of awards under our belts and our history is convincing enough for anyone. Our perfect customer service and quick transportation make us what we are today – without all these, we would not be here.

Wheel of time

Air Sea International Forwarding has begun this venture over 170 years ago. Our company managed to become a front runner by constantly reinventing itself.

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